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  • YEONGYANG WONNOREUM Wonnoreum, a play in which young people acted as a local judge and his subordinates punishing criminals playfully. The criminals paid grains for their misdeed and the grains were used as the village's fund.more
  • YEONGYANG MAENGDONGSAN Along the Nakdong mountains, there are
    Mt. Bakamsan, Changsuryeong, and Mt. Maengdongsan, which is near the entrance of Mt. Juwangsan.
  • YEONGYANG SEONBAWI Seonbawi(Seon Rock) is a candle-shape rock placed between the cliff and the Namipo river. Two streams running along the stone wall and the cliff each meet and form the river. more


Welcome to Yeongyang-gun Office official website.
I will listen as you express your ideas,
thoughts and vision.How do you do?
I am Oh Dochang,
governor of Yeongyang-gun.

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Yeongyang Pepper

As Yeongyang red peppers grow in highland, they are rich in sugar, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. As their volume is big, one can make a large amount of red powder with them.

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